20th Wedding Anniversary Vacation Ideas

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20th Wedding Anniversary Symbols. Traditional: China Modern: Platinum Flower: Day Lily Gemstone: Emerald/ Yellow or Golden Diamond.The traditional symbol of the 20th Wedding Anniversary is China. It symbolizes the beautiful and elegant yet delicate and fragile nature of love..Anniversary Vacation Ideas: Warm Spots for Your 10th or 25th. For those special trips, like your 25th wedding anniversary, not just any old vacation to the lake will do.. 6th Anniversary. Traditional Anniversary Gift: Candy; Modern Anniversary Gift: Iron; Travel Anniversary Gift Ideas: Disney World, FL; 7th Anniversary.Check into one of the villas on the beach at El Secreto Beach Resort in Belize and spend your anniversary with your toes in the sand. Each villa has a private outdoor .Here are some 60th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help in choosing gifts associated with the 60th marriage anniversary. The tradition of celebrating a 60th .A 14 year wedding anniversary gift is traditionally celebrated with ivory, here are lots of ethical alternatives..32nd Wedding anniversary gift include conveyances, find ideas in our articles and recommendations. Free anniversary email reminder..Lots of gorgeous 21st wedding anniversary gifts in brass and Iolite, this years gemstone for your husband or wife from the modern list. Find out the meaning behind .19th Wedding anniversary gift ideas include chilli peppers, bronze and aquamarine. Find bronze sculptures and aquamarine gift ideas..